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The Vow Factor: To write your own vows …or not?

Photo by JoshuaAaron Photography

There are a plethora of decisions faced when planning a wedding; from the venue, to the color themes, the flowers, etc. Not to belittle any of these decisions (after all, they keep us in business), it just that when it’s all said and done, the day is about the promises made between two people.

We often hear that one of the most difficult decisions is deciding whether or not to write your own vows. They are so personal and so important and couples often default to tradition – whether or not it’s what they truly want. To help you, we’ve put together some pro’s and con’s and a few ideas to spark ideas for the other words before “I do.”

Traditional Vows

“I, [name], take you [name], to be my lawfully wedded [husband/wife], to have and to hold from this day forward; for better or for worse; for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health; to love and to cherish from this day forward until death do us part.”

There is something special about saying the same vows that so many have said before you. These lines cover the bases and there is a richness to them that cuts you straight to the heart. Plus, there are other ways to personalize your ceremony while sticking with these classic words.

Custom Vows

There is something hopelessly romantic about writing your own vows, however, there is a lot of fear that bubbles up the moment a couple decides to write their own vows. What if they’re too cheesy, or too mushy, or too cold? What if you’re not able to really express how each other feels or can’t think of the right words to use?!

Tell us what you think! Did you and your spouse recite traditional vows or did you write your own, and why? If you went the custom route, what did you say and where did you find your inspiration?

But First, Ask Smart Questions

We were thrilled to see and meet so many of you at the Columbia Bridal Show last week! As fun as it was, we know you have a ton of decisions to make and we want choosing a venue to be the easiest one. We’ve put together a list of questions to ask and things to consider when you tour a venue. Relish and loose yourself in the beauty of the landscape and dreams of your big day, but first, ask smart questions and keep the following in mind while on your venue tours:

-If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, ask the venue about their rain plan.
-Maybe you want your dog as your ring barrier, are pets allowed?
-Is there a reception package & what is included?
-How long can you have the reception space for and is there a fee if the party is popping after the agreed upon end-time.
-Do they have an in-house caterer?
-Do they have a coat check and bathroom facilities that meet your standards?
-What is the parking situation?
-Is there a venue coordinator who will be there on the day of your wedding? What are their responsibilities?
-Are tables, chairs, utensils, glasses, etc., available for your guests or will you need to rent them elsewhere?
-Is there a payment schedule?
-Are there enough outlets for your awesome DJ?
-How many guests can dance in the dance space?
-Sparkler exits are trendy and fun – does the space have an open flame policy?
-Be sure to look out for and ask about the best places for photographs!
-Will any other events happen at the same time as yours?
-Is there a private area for the bridal parties to change or rest?
-Will there be air conditioning or heat available?

We are happy to answer any more questions you think of, and look forward to giving you a tour of our beautiful venue! Best wishes with all your wedding planning. – Adam’s Pond Team

Southern Charm

“Southern Charm” is most likely a term you’ve heard more recently describing a Bravo TV show. When we talk about embodying ‘Southern Charm,’ it means something a little bit different.
If you’re from the South, it may remind you of small acts like holding the door for strangers, standing up when a woman enters the room, or knowing how to write a proper thank you card. It’s not a secret that southerners are known for having charisma and poise—no matter the circumstances. In today’s on-the-go culture, mastering that art has never been more important. Our rich history, beautiful foliage and timeless decor at Millstone at Adam’s Pond will even have the furthest of travelers impressed and at ease. One southern woman says, “I think it has to do with making a person feel good when they are around you. It is about serving others and doing the right thing,” and we agree. The setting is special, and really enhances how charming your event will be.

Laura + Ben

It’s the year anniversary of Laura & Ben’s December wedding here at Adams Pond and we’re still swooning over the deep hues and intimate winter setting that took place within our historic brick walls. From the warmth of the lanterns and candles spread across the venue to the cozy shawls each bridesmaid wore, nothing compares to the beautiful moments captured between Laura and Ben under our moss lined trees.
Photography by: MorningWild

Rainy Day Romance: Marisa+Billy

A rehearsal dinner and wedding day celebration came together in early October to make one of the dreamiest affairs we’ve witnessed here at Adam’s Pond. Our lovely couple, Marisa and Billy spent their romantic rainy day surrounded by family and friends, great food, and lovely hues of burgundy. Check out these amazing images from the lovely Holly Graciano:

hollygraciano_100315_069 hollygraciano_100315_066 HG_tile02 hollygraciano_100315_210 hollygraciano_100315_290 HG_tile03 hollygraciano_100315_065 HG_tile04 hollygraciano_100315_115 hollygraciano_100315_357 hollygraciano_100315_165 hollygraciano_100315_387 hollygraciano_100315_579 hollygraciano_100315_624

Other vendors from Marisa and Bill’s big day include: 

Caterer :: Southern Way Catering
Florals :: American Floral
DJ :: Partytime DJ’s
Cake ::  Bonnie Brunt Cakes
Rentals :: Party Reflections
Favors :: 50 Degrees Candles and Soaps
Hair + Makeup :: Dolled up by Kylie